Wide Angle Youth Media: Press Release for 20th Birthday Celebration

“Just getting diversity is the bare minimum…Yes, we’re included but are we respected in that field? I think diversity is just step one. There’s still so much work to do once you start being inclusive and look at all the talent there is.” – Janae Young, youth event planner

Wide Angle students are designing and organizing an Oscars-inspired evening, and they’re flipping the script on the Academy. Our #WAYMiesInColor event will uplift diverse voices; feature WAYMie (whammy) Award winners for Best Comedy, Best Horror Film, Best Long Documentary, Best Graphic Design and Rising Filmmakers from our extensive youth media portfolio (with award winners selected by our community, not an exclusive closed door committee); and be accessible to all through free tickets and multiple ways to participate. Mark your calendar to join us on Saturday, November 14th, at 6:00 pm to enjoy a one of a kind, 100% virtual tribute to Wide Angle and Baltimore’s next generation of media makers. Curl up on your couch, shine the spotlight on talented media makers, and learn how to keep the conversation going.

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