Press Release: April Software Celebrates 5th Company Birthday

April Software is a Luxembourg-based software company specialized in serving the investment management industry’s needs for data automation, risk and compliance monitoring as well as reporting. Today we announce the celebration of our 5th company birthday. The official date of the enterprise’s inauguration was February 23rd, but its falling on a Sunday postponed the announcement.

Around 50% of businesses seize existence by their 5th year. Given that, the company birthday is truly a reason for celebration. Especially in the RegTech industry where we’ve seen a boom of start-ups, not many of which would survive the competition and tough business environment. Moreover, our company managed to succeed entirely on its own. In other words, no external funding or accelerator program backed it up financially and/or through business mentoring and networking support. How did we do that?

A Groundbreaking Solution

First of all, it’s because of our Data Central solution. It is so groundbreaking in the investment management industry, that it usually takes only a quick fund software demo[1] for professionals to realize its capabilities. They see how it can foster their operations and market presence.

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