Popular gift ideas during quarantine

Subscription gift ideas

Subscriptions are indeed popular for a good reason. Especially so in a crisis like this where we are forced to comply with the strict self-quarantine measures, these variety of monthly subscriptions would ease you and your dad’s quarantine blues.

  1. Order pre-made subscription meal kits
  2. Buy him an Audiobook subscription
  3. Sign him up for a Netflix subscription
  4. Join a Cheese of the Month Club subscription
  5. Journal together with a Papergang subscription
  6. Enjoy a glass of wine with Wine Club subscription
  7. Get him a personal stylist through a Men Clothing subscription
  8. Subscribe to Bokksu for a month of Japanese treats and teas
  9. Have a cup of tea through a monthly Tea subscription
  10. Give him perfume options with a monthly Perfume subscription 

Eco-friendly gift ideas 

There are a myriad of eco-friendly gifts available online. You can buy gifts that could make your dad happy, whilst helping the environment. So, it would be like hitting two birds in one stone. Listed below are a couple of environmentally friendly gifts that you can buy for him.

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